Ministry Passion Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to assist you in the identification and articulation of your God-given Ministry Passion.  The results will release greater motivation and enthusiasm in your life and ministry.


1.      You may not be able to answer all of the questions.  That is okay.  The Assessment is designed to explore a variety of ways God speaks to us about our Ministry Passion.  He has probably spoken to you in some of these ways, but not all of them.

2.      Prayerfully consider your responses to each question.

3.      Since this is an individual exercise, complete the Assessment on your own.  (You can talk about it with others afterward.)

4.      There are no right or wrong answers.  You have permission to say what is on your heart.

5.      At this point, do not consider whether you could do it or how you could do it.  All you need to do right now is name it.

6.      Assume there are no obstacles to hinder you from fulfilling your heart’s desire (Ministry Passion).  Assume everything is taken care of … family, money, career, time, etc.


1.      If you could snap your fingers and know that you wouldn’t fail, what would you do for others?



2.      What do you repeatedly see that annoys or angers you, which if changed, would be more glorifying to God and edifying to others?



3.      I care about some things more than other things.  I care most about …



4.      At the end of my life, I’d love to be able to look back and know I’d done something about …



5.      Use the chart below to help uncover a theme in your life that may give you an insight into your Ministry Passion.

List your top five to seven most meaningful and positive life experiences.  Briefly describe what you achieved and why it meant so much to you.

NOTE:  Your experiences may have taken place at home, work, school, or during your free time.  It may have been a clock you fixed or a dress you made.  It may have been a puzzle you put together or an award you received.  It may have been helping some friends move, building a house, winning an election, or giving to someone in need.  Remember, list the experiences that you enjoyed doing and left you feeling fulfilled.

Positive Experiences

Why is this experience meaningful to me?

Theme Identified











Looking over your responses to questions 1 through 5, what theme(s) or patterns seem to be most evident and repeating?





6.      Some Ministry Passions can be centered around a people group or a social issue.  Consider these partial lists and indicate any that tug at your heart.  It is okay if you do not have a desire to make a difference in any of these areas.


People Groups:

Infants                                       Children                                       Youth

Teen Moms                                Single Parents                             College Students

Divorced                                   Widowed                                    Singles

Career Women                         Young Marrieds                           Refugees

Parents                                      Empty Nesters                             Homeless

Unemployed                             Elderly                                         Disabled

Prisoners                                     Poor                                            Hospitalized

Social Groups:

Environment                              Child Care                                  Homosexuality

Discipleship                                AIDS                                            Politics

Violence                                    Injustice                                      Racism

Education                                  Addictions                                  Economic

Reaching the Lost                      Technology                                Health Care

Poverty                                      Family                                         Abortion

Hunger                                       Literacy                                       Nutrition

7.      Based on your responses to this assessment, which ONE of these Ministry Passion Categories best reflects your area of passion?





Celebration Ministries

The heart of these ministries is directed toward God by engaging the church in the Word, worship, song, the arts, etc.

Outreach Ministries

The heart of these ministries is focused on relating, reaching, and connecting unbelievers and the unchurched to a relationship with Christ and his church.

Connecting Ministries

The heart of these ministries is assimilating visitors, attenders, and members into a relationship with Christ and the church through hospitality, fellowship, belonging, and encouragement.

Equipping Ministries

The heart of these ministries is maturing believers in the area of their gifts, ministry training, and leadership.  It serves a variety of life-stage and affinity-based groups for growth, accountability, and service.

Caring Ministries

The heart of these ministries is assisting people in the church and community with their physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health through the grace, love, and resources of the kingdom.

Supporting Ministries

The heart of these ministries is freeing other people, leaders, and ministries from practical concerns to keep focused on their ministry goals.  They involve structuring the systems and procedures to serve and support people and ministries.



8.      At this time, I would say …

My Ministry Passion is to … or for …


My Ministry Passion Category is: