4 Ways To A Connecting Lifestyle

Connecting is about intentionally making connections with the people God places in our path and connecting them to Jesus.

Pray regularly for 5 friends who do not believe in Christ
Pray continuously throughout your day to attune yourself to the heart and voice of God
Listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit through your encounters Invest
Spend significant time with others
Care for others by preparing a meal or performing an act of kindness
Engage others by finding a need and serving them

Initiate conversations
Make connections by drawing things out that you have in common
Invite them to an event or Celebration
Offer to meet them or bring them

Deepen the relationship through meaningful conversations
Look for key opportunities of impact and influence

Be intentional about living your faith in front of them
Share the story of your decision for Christ
Share your personal story of living a lifestyle devoted to Jesus
Offer to walk alongside someone on their spiritual journey