Grow is our maturity in the word and our faith. We do that in our relationship to others and God through small group Bible Study. 

Small Groups

One of the primary means of spiritual growth is through the study of the Bible with other believers. This was the practice of the early church and the foundation of Methodism. They accepted the message eagerly and studied the Scriptures every day. Methodist started as a small group Bible study movement.

Small groups accomplish two things:

-First it allows you to develop relationships with other followers of Jesus, providing a support system not only during the difficult times of life but also in the challenges of living a holy life. 

-Second it immerses you in the Word to discover God's will for your life and then discuss with others how to apply it.

Together we come to learn about God and His plan for our life. Together, we gain spiritual strength for the challenges and problems of life, especially as we share them together in God's Word.
 Together we gain guidance in life and wisdom in decision making. God wants us to live in community with other people - but he especially wants us to live in community with other believers immersed in His Word.

We have many small groups with different subjects and diversity. Find a small group that's right for you!